The National Guard decided to start streamlining their recruiting materials. Before this project, all recruiters had to work with were pamphlets, stories, and heresy. Deciding these materials were not enough to excite young bucks, they decided to modernize and enhance their visual aids to sell their point.

Art Direction: "What do kids like...that Call of Duty? Can we do that, only not as gritty? Make it seem like...'this is bad ass but you won't die.'"
This section of the app displays the history and mission statements
of the National Guard. Recruiters can easily navigate through
their talking points.
This section map displays the type of fields that recruits can choose
to pursue in the National Guard. Each button navigates to a page that
lists specific careers. Recruits then click on the button of their
choice to receive a PDF detailing the requirements, duties and
compensation of that career.
This section map is for recruits that may want to become officers.

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